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Here at Chef’s Farm, we are on a mission to provide chefs with the most sustainable, fresh, and tasty garnishes, that are grown locally in the city of Amsterdam. We are the first large scale commercial vertical farm in the Netherlands, that efficiently uses water and energy, and is completely pesticide-free. The product range consists of over more than fifty types of microleaves and flowers. We are constantly improving and expanding our product range to offer our chefs an amazing and sustainable range of fresh microgreens year-round!

Chef’s Farm takes care of everything: from cultivation till delivery. This means no intermediaries and direct delivery, from farm to kitchen. As a result, the products have a longer shelf life and retain the beautiful, fresh taste and structure that you would expect.

We provide the most tasty, beautiful, and fresh microleaves that give any dish a green kick. 

We offer a large variety of flowers to elevate your dish in flavor and aesthetics.

chefs love our greens

“We use the products of Chef’s Farm because they’re a local company and their quality is not only amazing, but also consistent. I really like them as a company, because they have the right mindset, and a great way of approaching restaurants and reaching customers.”

Chef Cuisinier
Restaurant C, Amsterdam
“The microherbs and flowers are full of power: both on the level of aesthetics and flavours. Due to their extensive product range, constant quality and flexibility, we invariably rely on Chef’s Farm services.”

Chefs Cuisiniers
Restaurant Wils, Amsterdam

“Chef’s Farm always delivers beautiful, high quality and fresh microgeens. Everything can be kept for at least a week and is of good quality. The contact is direct, without intermediaries, which makes ordering easier and gives me the possibility to personalise my order.”

Chef Cuisinier
De Jonge Dikkert, Amstelveen

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Our microgreens speak for themselves.

Because of the unique vertical farming process, our locally harvested leaves are incredibly fresh and boldly flavoured. If you would like a taste of all our goodness, contact us and we will drop by and deliver a sample package filled with a selection of our delicious and fresh greens.

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