red veined sorrel

Fresh and acidic, red and green, microleaves

Red veined sorrel
Red veined sorrel

Acidic and fresh sorrel with red veins.

Our Red Veined Sorrel is an acidic and fresh sorrel, with lime-green leaves and red veins. In gardens the sorrel often grows to large and tangy, spinach-like, leaves that have to be cooked for them to be tasty. However, when harvested early, the microleaves are tender and can easily be used in cold dishes, salads or as garnishment.  Restaurant Merlot did the latter in the dish below, which consists of gently cooked trout, with horseradish and a sauce made with shiso green and lemon balm, topped with some of our Red Veined Sorrel leaves.

Red veined sorrel properties

The attributes of our Red Veined Sorrel include the following:

  • Acidic, fresh
  • Mild-sweet aftertaste
  • Lime Green
  • Tender
  • Red veins

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