Get in touch with us through email, phone, WhatsApp or our contact form. A member of the team will come by with a variety of greens for you to taste. Download the app and set up an account for our (web)app, from which you can order your goodies easily! We’ll get started with growing your selection, just the way you like them. 

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Our microgreens speak for themselves.

Because of the unique vertical farming process, our locally harvested leaves are incredibly fresh and boldly flavoured. If you would like to taste what all the fuss is about, contact us and we will come by and deliver a sample package filled with a selection of our delicious and fresh greens.

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We designed the interface of the Chef’s Farm app specifically to make ordering as easy as possible for your restaurant. Just pick your selection of products, press order, check your order and you are done! At Chef’s Farm, we always do the payment after you’ve received your order. We’ll send an invoice, so you can pay multiple orders at once.

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