Spicy, pepper-like taste, microgreen 


Spicy and peppery, very unique taste

Contrary to the Dutch name of Nasturtium – which translates roughly to East-Indian Cress – the microgreen actually originates in South America. We grow Nasturtium as cress, meaning that we harvest the microgreen a few days after germination. Next to the leaves, we also harvest the Nasturtium Flowers, which are beautifully colored from yellow, to orange, to red. 

Chefs like to use our Nasturtium in many ways. In general it is nice to combine the microgreen with amuses, salads or warm dishes. For example, Restaurant Tollius used our Nasturtium to top of a dish that consists of old Beemsterkaas, a compote of mustard, baked mustard seeds and an herbal dressing topped with Tete Moir, Crispy old Beemster and our Mustard Frills Green and Purple.

nasturtium qualities:

Nasturtium is a microgreen with an unique taste. The closest you can compare it with is watercress. The first bite is very spicy, after which the sweetness comes. The attributes of our Nasturtium include the following:

  • Spicy, pepper-like
  • Sweet aftertaste
  • Green
  • Tender
  • Crunchy
  • Robust unique cress flavour
  • Umami

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