nasturtium Flowers

Spicy, sweet, pepper-like taste, edible flower

Nasturtium Flowers
Nasturtium Flowers

Spicy, sweet and peppery, very unique taste

Our Nasturtium Flowers are bold, colorful, and elegant flowers that add spicy flavour and looks to any dish. The leaves of the flower are vibrant orange, yellow, and red. Next to the leaves, we also harvest the leaves of the Nasturtium’s stem.

Restaurant Fitzgerald used the spicy flower for a beautiful dessert. This dessert consists of nashi pear with jasmine, a merengue, and cashew. As last finishing touch, some leaves of our Fennel and Nasturtium Flower leaves were added to add some extra flavour and a touch of colour. ⁠

nasturtium flowers qualities:

Nasturtium Flowers are edible flowers with an truly unique taste. The first bite is very spicy, after which the sweetness comes. In short, the attributes include the following:

  • Spicy, pepper-like
  • Sweet aftertaste
  • Orange, yellow, red
  • Tender
  • Crunchy
  • Robust unique cress flavour

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