Spicy, crispy, mustard flavour


Spicy and crispy mustard flavour.

Our Mizuna is a powerful Japanese leaf, with a mild spicy and peppery taste. Though Mizuna is technically a kale species, the taste is actually more mustard like. Traditionally in Japan, they like to put the leaves in soups, stews, or hotpots in the final step of cooking. Here in the Netherlands, supermarkets sometimes sell the large leaves mixed in salad-bags.

Here at Chef’s Farm, we like to harvest our Mizuna at a young stage, when it is still a microgreen. In general, this makes the green more nutritious and flavourful, as all the goodness is compressed into a smaller shape. This makes our Mizuna perfect for garnishing a dish.

Mizuna qualities:

Mizuna is a very accessible microgreen which goes well with many ingredients. Due to it’s mild spicy, mustardy taste, the microgreen kicks up any plate. 
  • Spicy, pepper-like
  • Mild
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Tender
  • Crunchy
  • Mustard

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