micro thyme

herbal, earthy, aromatic 

Micro Thyme
Micro Thyme

Strong herbal and earthy taste, very outspoken and aromatic.

Micro Thyme has a beautiful and very strong taste. You can smell this herb from meters away. This aromatic herb is well known and used a lot in a lot of different kitchens. This member of the mint family has an outspoken taste and beautiful leaves with deep green tops and bright pink bottoms. Originating in de Mediterranean, it has long been used by the Greeks and Romans. They associated thyme with courage, bravery and strength, gifting each other sprigs of thyme to show respectIt was also used a lot to make an oil for medicinal use or even embalming by Egyptians.   

Thyme was also used by the Romans around their houses a lot. They burned it to purify their homes and to give their house the aromatic flavour of liquors or foods like cheese. In the middle ages, thyme was even put underneath pillows to ward off nightmares.  

Micro thyme qualities

This microgreen pairs well with a lot of dishes. It goes really well with a roast meat or potatoes. It can also compliment a fish or veggie dish really well. It really gives that nice herbal taste to your dish, and also a pop of colour. And if garnishes aren’t your thing, this Micro Thyme can be used for its strong flavour to infuse a sauce or oil.

Micro Thyme is a popular herb with a strong herbal and earthy flavour. It has a distinct flavour that almost everyone will recognize. The attributes of Micro Thyme include the following:  

  • Herbalearthy
  • Aromatic
  • Strong,
  • Intense flavour
  • Green
  • Pink 

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