Lemon basil

Basil, lemony, microgreen

lemon basil
lemon basil

Basil with a fresh lemony flavour

Lemon Basil tastes – you guessed it – lemony! The aromas and flavours are pure, fresh, and sweet and go very well in sauces, curries or stews. The leaves are slightly pointy, smooth, bright green, whereas the stems are more of a white colour. 

Lemon Basil is native to Asia, where it is mostly used in Lao and Indonesian cuisine. Contrary to its sister, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil should be added fresh at the end of cooking to make the flavour pertain best. Thai Basil is more resistant to high heat as compared to the other basils. Lemon Basil is also great to mix fresh into cold European-style dishes like salads, vinaigrettes, cheese or egg dishes, beverages, ice creams, sorbets,  fruits and summer vegetables. 

culinary uses

Thai Basil is widely used in Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Thailand, and Indonesia. The basil is frequently added chicken dishes, stir-fries, or soups and broths, steamed fish packages, but there are other ways to use this beautiful herb. Chefs like to use our Lemon Basil mostly to top off their dishes. Not only does the Lemon Basil add tons of flavour to the dish, the beautiful green leaves give a real kick to the dish’s appearance.

Lemon Basil

  • Fresh
  • Sweet
  • Green
  • Anise
  • Lemony  

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