earthy, herbal, juicy 


Earthy and herbal flavour, very juicy and aromatic

Celery is an herb with a strong and particular flavour. It is part of the same family as lovage, parsley and coriander. It originated in the Mediterranean and was also found in some parts of China. Celery has long been used as a medicinal herb in ancient Egypt, Rome and China, but reportedly also as a hangover cure (but beware, this is not scientifically proven). Celery is grown for both its leaves and its stalks. As a microgreen, only the leaves will develop while the stalk stays behind. The microgreens are very thin and somewhat weak, but that doesn’t reflect in the taste at all. The leaf is full of taste and also has a lot of nutrients. This healthy green is a good addition to any dish! 

Even though this plant seems innocent, it is among a small group of foods that can provoke some severe allergic reactions. The group, headed by peanuts, can potentially cause anaphylactic shock in a small group of people with a celery allergy. Luckily, this only occurs in a small amount of people.  

CELERY qualities

Luckily, for most of us celery can be enjoyed in many different ways. Celery can add a nice mild and spicy flavor to a salad or can be the finishing touch to a dish with fish or a nice roast meat, a soup and even as garnish on a dip.  

Celery is a well-known plant with a particular flavour. You can compare it to Parsley or Lovage, but it still has its own slightly different flavour. The attributes of our Celery include the following: 

  • Earthy
  • Herbal
  • Juicy
  • Green
  • Tender
  • Aromatic

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