bronze fennel

Fennel, anise taste, microgreen, herb

Bronze Fennel
Bronze fennel

Fennel with a strong anise flavour, a bit sweet.

Our Bronze Fennel is a real showstopper. The elegant microgreen is a type of fennel, with a beautiful, as the name already suggests, bronze colour that contrasts beautifully on a white plate. Due to its colour and shape, Bronze Fennel has a delicate appearance and has the potential to uplift any dish.

Restaurant Monarh used our Bronze Fennel to top of their beautiful dish. The dish below consists of different preparations of tomato, inside a circle of smoked yogurt, and on top, there is langoustine and to finish it off there are some Cornflower leaves and leaf of Bronze Fennel.⁠

Bronze fennel qualities

The attributes of our Bronze Fennel include the following:

  • Acidic, fresh
  • Anise-flavour
  • Bronze colour
  • Frilly
  • Sweet

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