microgreen, earthy


A vegetal and feathery leaf.

Yarrow is a common garden perennial, known for its distinctive white flowers. We grow Yarrow in microgreen form, which leads to more tender, small, and beautiful feathery leaves. The microgreen tastes earthy, slightly bitter-sweet, and liquorice. 

Due to its preference of colder climates, Yarrow is commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere, where the plant grows proliferates in the wild. In ancient times, yarrow was used for medicinal purposes, where soldiers placed the herb on wounds in order for them to heal. In Greek Mythology, Achilles did so, which is why the botanical name of yarrow is Achillea millefolium.


culinary uses

Yarrow is a versatile microgreen that can be mixed into salads, sauces, dips, you name it! Chefs like to use our Yarrow mostly to top off their dishes. Not only does these leaves add tons of flavour to the dish, the beautiful green leaves give a real kick to the dish’s appearance.


  • Earthy
  • Mildly sweet
  • Bitter
  • Liquorice
  • Feathery leaves

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