tatsoi purple

Purple-green, mustard and kale flavour

tatsoi purple

Juicy and strong leaf with mild kale flavour

Tatsoi Purple is a leafy green with purple leaves and green undertones. The larger leaves are spoon shaped, whereas the smaller leaves are heart shaped. Origins of Tatsoi reach back to ancient China, however the leafy green is mostly used in Japan. 

Chefs like to use our Tatsoi Purple in many ways. For example, Restaurant Alma created a dish that consists of a tuna tartare with a soy sauce, a mousse of Thai curry, a creme of horseradish and dashi, topped with a nori crunch and some China Rose and Tatsoi Purple leaves.

tatsoi purple

Tatsoi Purple is a versatile vegetable. When cooked, Tatsoi Purple has an earthy and spinach like taste. As a fresh vegetable it has a sweet, buttery or mustard-like taste, with a tender texture. It goes well in salads, on top of sandwiches or other beautiful meals.

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Mustard/Kale flavour
  • Tender
  • Buttery texture

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