Flowery, liquorice, mint, microgreen, dessert

Shiso Chef's Farm
Shiso Chef's Farm

Sweet with herbal flavor and a flowery undertone.

Shiso are the leafs of the perilla plant, a herb that’s part of the mint family. The herb is native to the higher lands of China and India, however now the plant can be found worldwide. In China the herb is known as zǐsū, which is the origin of the Japanese name for the herb: shiso. This name is also the name that’s predominantly used in international kitchens. Shiso comes in different colors of which we produce the purple and bicolored type.  

In the Japanese cuisine, shiso is extensively used as garnishment or in pickled forms. However, also in the finest kitchens of the Netherlands, chefs like to use our Shiso in many ways. For example, Restaurant Rouhi created a beautiful vegetarian dish, that contains celeriac from the BBQ, nashi pear, dashi, truffle, and buckwheat⁠, topped with Bright and Spicy Mix and some of our Shiso Bi Coloured leaves.⁠

shiso qualities

Our Shiso can be used in kitchens in many ways. Due to its sweet, spicy, and minty flavour, we mostly classify it as a bold microgreen to top off a dessert with. However, as the dish below shows and Asian kitchens have shown us, Shiso can also be used for umami dishes. In Japan, it is used to garnish sashimi in, to add to sushi, but also used in pickled umeboshi or dried as Shiso salt for toppings on rice dishes. Also some chefs that we know like to make oils with the aromatic herb. In other words, there are countless ways to experiment with this uniquely tasted herb. 

Our Shiso summed up in some keywords:
  • Aromatic
  • Warm spices
  • Anice
  • Mint
  • Purple or Bi Coloured

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