salad rocket

Spicy, microgreen, frill

salad rocket
salad rocket

Strong and spicy mustard flavour

Salad Rocket, also called rocket, roquette or arugula, is a classic and widely known microgreen. It is a cruciferous vegetable that contains similar nutrients as other vegetables of the same family like broccoli and kale. The vegetable is native to the Mediterranean and has consequently been used in ancient cuisines of Italy, Turkey, Morocco, and  Portugal.

Chef’s like to use our Salad Rocket to garnish their dishes. Restaurant Fris created a dish that consists of two preparations of mackerel with granny smith apple, fermented red beets, jalapeno, and a vinaigrette with yuzu, topped with flowers, other microgreens and our Salad Rocket. 

Salad rocket uses

Of course there are many more ways to use rocket. The leaves can be mixed into salads, tapenades, soup, pasta sauces, you name it! Or use arugula in the classic way by garnishing carpaccio with the green. 

In sum, we can describe Salad Rocket with the following qualities:

  • Spicy, pepper-like
  • Bitter
  • Tart
  • Green

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