Fresh and acidic, purple or green, microleaves


OXalis with an acidic, lemony, and fresh taste

Oxalis is the sorrel of the woods. A sour weed that grows naturally in tropical areas of Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa. Oxalis has a unique look, with smooth, flowing, butterfly-like delicate leaves. Due to the shape of the leaves, the plant is often confused with clover. In the Netherlands, the plant is therefore also called klaverzuring – which roughly translates to clover sorrel.

Fun fact, Oxalis is derived from the old Greek ‘oxus’, which means sour. In symbolism Oxalis means ‘joy’ and ‘good heartedness’. Who doesn’t want that on their plate?! 

Culinary uses

Oxalis can be used in many ways. The beautiful butterfly-like leaves can be added to salads, mixed into tapenades or added to desserts. Chefs like to use our Oxalis mostly to top off their dishes. Not only does the Oxalis add tons of flavour to the dish, the beautiful purple leaves give a real kick to the dish’s appearance.


  • Fresh
  • Acidic
  • Purple
  • Green

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