sweet, salty, aromatic, microgreen 


aromatic, sweet, and salty leaf

Lovage is an aromatic herb with a strong and salty flavour. It is part of the same family as coriander, celery and parsley. It originated in the mountains of the Mediterranean and southwestern Asia and used to be cultivated for medicinal use. The plant can grow up to 2 meters and has a beautiful deep green colour. It has a fleshy, brownish stem and very pointy leaves. It has a smell and taste similar to Celery but tastes almost salty and much more intense. Normally, the herb is used in spice blends made for soup, tomato sauce, or stock.  

This tasty herb is largely associated with Maggi, a soup seasoning sold in the Netherlands and Germany, that’s why the common name for Lovage in Dutch is Maggiplant 

LOVAGE qualities

Lovage has a very particular taste, so it doesn’t pair with everything. However, there are many different things you can make with this tasty microgreen. We’ve had restaurants using our Lovage for everything from oils to ice cream. But it’s not only good for its taste, but also for its looks. The microgreen can look really nice on a dish with fish or soup or can bring a kick to a dish with pork or poultry. 

Lovage is a microgreen with a special taste. Its unique flavour can be compared to Celery, but much stronger and aromatic. The qualities of our Lovage include the following: 

  • Sweet undertones
  • Salty
  • Aromatic/Strong Flavour
  • Green
  • Tender
  • Celery

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