korean mint

mint, anise, microgreen

korean mint
korean mint

Mint with a Strong and sweet anise flavor, licorice like

Korean Mint is an aromatic herb, that has a minty, sweet, anise flavour. With purple stems and purple-green round shaped leaves, the microgreen has a delicate appearance. This type of mint is native to East Asia. In Korea, where the herb is mostly consumed, Korean Mint is mostly used as a last minute addition to fish stews or sliced finely and added to pancakes.

Chefs like to use our Korean Mint mostly to top off their dishes. Not only does this beautiful mint add tons of flavour to the dish, the beautiful green leaves give a real kick to the dish’s appearance.

culinary uses

Korean Mint is a versatile and aromatic herb that can be used in many ways. Boil the mint to a refreshing tea, slice the leaves up finely and mix it into salads or mix the mint into ice cream or other desserts. 

Korean mint

  • Mint
  • Sweet
  • Aromatic
  • Purple/Green
  • Anise 

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