Purple-green, kale, microgreen


Green and purple kale with a mild spicy and bitter taste

Also known as a full sized vegetable, we grow a delicious, beautiful, and nutrient dense microgreen: Kohlrabi. Our Kohlrabi is a vibrant microgreen, with purple to rose coloured sets and dark-green leaves. The leaves have a quite sweet, mild kale taste, that resembles cabbage. Like the full grown vegetable, Kohlrabi also has a mild spicy and bitter taste.

Kohlrabi originates in Northern Europe, where the full grown vegetable is nowadays mostly popular in Germany. Lesser known however, is the Kohlrabi microgreen. In the production of our Kohlrabi microgreen, we harvest when the leaves are still very young and tender. This causes all the nutrients and flavours to be compressed into these small leaves, making them real taste bombs! 


culinary uses

The young leaves can be used in various ways: add them raw to salads and smoothies, sauté the leaves and serve as a side dish, mix them into stir fries or into a potato mash. Chefs like to use our Kohlrabi mostly to top off their dishes. Not only does the kale add flavour to the dish, the vibrant microgreen gives a real kick to the dish’s appearance.


  • Fresh
  • Sweet, mild kale taste
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Spicy 
  • Bitter 

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