green sorrel

Fresh and acidic, green, microleaves

Green Sorrel
Green Sorrel

green sorrel with an acidic, lemony, and fresh taste

When you take a look at our Green Sorrel, you might expect a spinach like, nutty flavour. Well, our Green Sorrel is a real surprise, because it actually tastes like green apples! Fresh-acidic, this microgreen has lime-green leaves and has the potential to kick up any dish, especially with fish. However, our Green Sorrel can also be used for a salsa verde or be pressed into a beautiful acidic oil. In short, the possibilities are endless of this largely overlooked microgreen!

Prepared by Restaurant Fris, the dish below consists of two preparations of mackerel with granny smith apple, fermented red beets, jalapeno, and a vinaigrette with yuzu, topped with different microgreens and flowers, amongst which our Green Sorrel.⁠

green sorrel properties

The attributes of our Green Sorrel include the following:

  • Acidic, fresh
  • Mild-sweet aftertaste
  • Lime Green
  • Tender

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