green radish

Green radish, microgreen, fresh and spicy taste

Green Radish Box
Green Radish Box

A green radish with a juicy stem and a spicy aftertaste

Our Green Radish is one of our three radish microgreens, all are characterized by their beautiful and firm shape. With a typical radish taste, they spice every dish up to another level.

The dish below is one of Restaurant Wils’ staples. It consists of a koji covered quail with a red chicory topped with apple and a selection of our microgreens and flowers:  Cornflowers, Mustard Frills Purple and our Green Radish. To complete the dish, a sauce of smoked onion is poured on top. ⁠

green radish properties

The attributes of this radish microgreen includes the following:

  • Spicy
  • Juicy
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Fresh
  • Bitter
  • Umami

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