Garlic Chives

spicy, fresh, classic microgreen

garlic chives
garlic chives

Strong garlic flavor with hints of onion.

Garlic Chives have a grassy taste, with a strong ‘garlicky’ flavour and hints of onion and honey. As the name suggests, the microgreen stems from the garlic family. The species is related to bulbous plants such as onion, leek, garlic. Compared to the dominant onion flavour in regular chives, these Garlic Chives have more of a garlic taste to them. Though they look quite similar, if you look closer you can see that Garlic Chives have more wider flat leaves as compared to regular chives.

Also called ‘Chinese Chives’, the chives thrive in Asian dishes, where the leaves are cut and blended through omelets, dumpling fillings or pancakes. However, our Garlic Chives can also be used for more French types of cuisines. Like in the dish created by Restaurant Monarh below, that consists of different preparations of tomato, inside a circle of smoked yogurt, and on top, there is langoustine and to finish it off there are some Cornflower leaves, a leaf of Bronze Fennel and some of our beautiful Garlic Chives.⁠

Garlic Chives qualities

This versatile microgreen pairs well with a lot of dishes. Add the microgreen to stir fries, soups, noodles or sprinkle on meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. Every part of the plant is edible; from its white stem through the green flat leaves and the black seeds.

Go on and try our Garlic Chives yourselves. To give you an idea of the palet of this microgreen, we can describe Garlic Chives with the following attributes:  

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Juicy
  • Strong
  • Intense flavour
  • Green

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