microgreen, herb


Very fresh and soft leaf with an anise taste

Dill is a classic staple culinary herb in Western food cultures, along with for example Parsley, Celery, and Thyme. The leaves are grass green and have a beautiful feathery shape. Dill has a very aromatic scent and flavour, that is easy to distinct. Overall the taste is sweet and grassy, with hints of anise and acidic undertones.

For centuries, Dill has been used in hearty meals. The herb also was also thought to have medicinal qualities. For example, the Ancient Greeks used the leaves against hiccups, whereas in Ancient Egypt the seeds were used to promote better sleep. Nowadays, we use Dill mostly to create beautiful dishes. 

culinary uses

Dill can be used in a variety of ways.  You can mix the dill into pesto’s, salsas, stocks, curries, and vinaigrettes for an added hit of freshness. You can also use them to top off yogurt dips, fish dishes eggs, stir-fries, toasts, and seared meats. And they’re delicious when tossed into green salads or sprinkled on top of roasted vegetables. 


  • Acidic, fresh
  • Anise-flavour
  • Grassy
  • Green
  • Frilly, feathery
  • Sweet

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