daikon red

Daikon radish, microgreen, fresh and spicy taste

A dark purple radish with a juicy stem and a spicy aftertaste

Our Daikon Red is a favourite amongst chefs. Maybe it’s due to its striking deep purple-red colour, its intense and spicy flavour, or its unique shape. Or maybe because of all three of them! 

Chefs like to use our Daikon Radish mainly for pre- or main-courses, as the taste goes well with vegetables, meat, fish and so forth. In the dish below, Restaurant Fitzgerald combined eel with horse radishes, sunflower seeds, and custard. And to top it all off, they added some spicy Daikon Red, Sunflower, and a fresh Begonia flower.⁠ 

Taste pallete daikon red

The leaves of our Daikon Red have a beautiful colour and can be combined nicely in salads or with warm dishes. Daikon Red adds taste to each dish easily due to its intense flavour. The taste palette of this daikon radish includes the following:

  • Spicy
  • Juicy
  • Purple
  • Fresh
  • Bitter
  • Umami

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