aromatic, herbal, juicy, fresh


Very outspoken and fresh coriander taste, very aromatic.

Coriander is a herb with a strong and particular flavour. It is part of the same family as lovage, parsley and celery. Little is known about the origin of the plant, however, there is consensus that its origins lay in the Mediterranean. All parts of the plant are edible, including the seeds, stems and leaves. The dried seeds are more traditionally used for cooking. Compared to the seeds, the leaves taste differently, with more lemony overtones.

You either love or hate the taste of coriander, as studies have found that a significant group of people have a gene that causes them to find the taste of coriander resembling dish soap. However, for those of us who love the aromatic, lemony taste, we cannot recommend our coriander enough. When you compare the taste of our microgreen coriander to regular more grown coriander, you will taste that ours is more tender, more fine, while a beautiful strong coriander flavour overrules.  


coriander qualities

Coriander can be enjoyed in many ways. It can add a nice fresh and spicy flavor to a salad or can be the finishing touch to a dish with fish or a nice roast meat, a soup and even as garnish on a dip.  

Coriander is a well-known plant with a particular flavour. You can compare it to Parsley or Lovage, but it still has its own slightly different flavour. The attributes of our Coriander include the following: 

  • Lemony
  • Herbal
  • Juicy
  • Green
  • Tender
  • Aromatic

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