Fresh, cucumber, microgreen


Fresh cucumber flavor with oyster undertones.

Borage is a herb with edible leaves that tastes like cucumber. Traditionally, the plant was mostly used for medicinal purposes. Still today, the seeds of borage are often commercially cultivated to extract oil. This oil is used as a supplement that is said to relieve asthma, inflammation and skin conditions. 

Borage is not only a herb with medicinal qualities, it is a beautifully shaped leaf with a fresh and unique taste. 

borage qualities

Borage can be used in many ways. The herb goes well with fish for example, but it is also a great contrasting fresh flavor to, for example, caramelised pork belly. It can be added to soups, salsas, tapenades, salads, juices or to top off a dish or a cocktail.

To sum up, we can describe our Borage with the following qualities:

  • Fresh
  • Cucumber¬†
  • Green
  • Salty

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