About Chef's Farm

Chef’s Farm uses Growy’s technology to grow the most delicious microgreens, flowers and herbs for many restaurants and hotels in and around Amsterdam. As such, we are the first large-scale, commercial Vertical Farm that efficiently uses water and energy and is entirely pesticide-free.

Chef’s Farm is led by its founder, Ard van de Kreeke, who formed the fast-growing company in 2018, with the aim to provide chefs with the most sustainable, fresh, and tasty garnishes, that are grown locally in the city of Amsterdam. With a variety of over 50 microgreens, we promise the same high-quality product year-round. Next to our microgreens, we also offer a variation of edible flowers. 

chef's farm is underpinned by the following 6 values:

SUSTAINABILITY // We try to be as sustainable as possible. All of our greens are grown in a vertical farm, which is a system that allows you to grow crops vertically stacked, in a controlled environment using led lights. This way of farming uses up to 95% less water than a conventional farm.

RECYCLE // All the water we do use, we clean and re-use. Next to that, we only use green energy for operating our whole farm. Not only our growing cycle is sustainable, so is our packaging. Our packaging consists of plastic boxes, which we can clean and re-use again and again. We try to be as sustainable and circular as possible. 

FRESH // An advantage of growing greens locally in a vertical farm is that we can harvest and deliver the products on the same day. This means no intermediaries and direct delivery, from farm to kitchen. As a result, the products have a longer shelf life and retain the beautiful taste and structure that you would expect.

HIGH QUALITY // We grow our greens in a vertical farm, which means we have complete control over all aspects of the growing cycle. Because of this, we can guarantee the same quality 365 days a year. We are not affected by outside factors and can tweak our climate so that our plants are strong and packed with flavour.

LOCAL // Using vertical farming, we are able to grow all our microgreens in the middle of Amsterdam. We deliver our harvest to chefs in and around the Netherlands, which means that transportation only takes up to a few hours, leading to a fresher and more sustainable product. 

CUSTOMIZABLITY // We want to make sure you receive your order exactly how you want it. We like to work together with our chefs to find and create the perfect product. Do you have any special requests for your order? That’s no problem!

Our Team

Chef’s Farm is lovingly built and maintained by these folks.

Laura van de Kreeke


Lisa Crijns


Alan Hin


Gijs Pieters


Amparo Gloria




Chef’s Farm is a proud partner of JRE, an association of top young chefs and restaurateurs. We deliver our products to a great selection of their restaurants.